Zymurgorium Syllabub Gin

Zymurgorium Syllabub Gin

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Zymurgorium Syllabub Gin Manchester

Welcome to the taste of home baking! The Syllabub a quintessential British Dessert & a frothy celebration of citrus.

The Syllabub is one of the most quintessential British desserts and is a frothy celebration of citrus. It became very popular during the 16th-19th centuries; coincidentally the same era as the rise & fall of Gin seeing through the riots & political scandal.

Being such a cultural treasure we at Zymurgorium thought this too appropriate to ignore; so set about making a gin that fits such an iconic delicacy! Full frontal lemon, lime & pine with a note of warm oats.

    Zymurgorium Syllabub Gin (40% ABV, 50cl)