Daddy Rack Straight Tennessee Whiskey | 40%  70cl

Daddy Rack Straight Tennessee Whiskey | 40% 70cl

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Daddy Rack Straight Tennessee Whiskey (40%, 70cl)


After spending more than 5 years in the drinks industry, Daddy Rack Founder J. Arthur Rackham created his own Tennessee Whiskey. It's made with a mash bill of corn (80%), rye (10%), and malted barley (10%), coming from local farmers within 50 miles of the distillery. Once the milling of the grains has taken place a 72-hour sour mash follows, then double distillation. First in a copper column still, then in a second pot 'doubler' still.

Due to this being a Tennessee whiskey, The Lincoln County Process is employed, which Involves filtering the spirit through maple charcoal staves. However, Rackham does things a little differently. By undergoing a light second round of maple charcoal filtration, the whiskey becomes smoother!

Notes of candy floss, toffee popcorn, bruised apples, and on the finish are hints of orange peel, nutmeg, chocolate, and caramel!