Special Events and Tastings

Know someone that loves a perfectly mixed gin and tonic? Or perhaps you want to learn more about your favourite tipple? Our tasting nights explore the tastes and the tales of how some of your favourite gins and other spirits were first made and perfected.

Our Tasting kits are designed for 2 people to enjoy together and are currently presented live via our Zoom channel with up to 40 other guests. 

What Is a tasting night?

Tastings involve learning how certain alcoholic drinks created and give you a deeper knowledge on the different flavours, drinking methods, scents and more. We also try to make them as fun as possible. We offer tasting nights for wine, gin, whiskey and vodka throughout the year.

Find the right drink for you

Flowery, aromatic and botanical. These are just a few of the flavour notes you’d expect to find in your favourite gin – the most in vogue spirit of the moment. With one of our gin tastings you’ll discover there is a whole lot more to this fine spirit than a simple G&T!

Upcoming Events