Big Hill Distillery Rose Gin

Big Hill Distillery Rose Gin

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Big Hill Distillery Rose Gin - Mobberley | Cheshire

‘The Pink Rose’. Think quintessential English garden party. And you’re invited. Inspired by the best of British summer and hand crafted in exclusive batches, it’s the nine botanicals including rose petals, raspberries, mint and vanilla that make it so moreish. And don’t be fooled by the deceptive pink rose. Beautifully elegant to the eye, with a wild side just waiting to be discovered. Chin, chin.


Raspberry, Mint, Vanilla and Rose petals. It’s a Pink gin but its still got the classic dry gin style to it, a 'proper gin' as the guys would say. After all, if you are going to make a pink gin, you have to at least want to enjoy drinking it!


A few Raspberries, some bruised Mint leaves and a good tonic. Mediterranean goes well with it.




Big Hill Distillery - Rose Gin (40% ABV, 70cl)