Lucky Bee™ Hench 57%

Lucky Bee™ Hench 57%

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Copy of Lucky Bee™ Hench 57%

Meaning - Strong, Fit and well developed muscles!!

"You could say Stephen & I are Hench , even our dog Roxy has been known to have been called Hench by some of the local kids!"

This Navy strength Gin stands proud at 57% Abv. It's highly regarded with clean nuanced flavours that are highlighted at the higher proof.
Hench has a smooth almond finish, perfect neat on a bed of rocks although if you edge the gladd with a twist of lemon then pop the wedge inside the glass, it'll keep that citrus taste on the palette for freshness, a full tonic is preferred too!


Lucky Bee Hench.  (57% ABV, 70cl)