Lucky Bee™ Classic London Dry

Lucky Bee™ Classic London Dry

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Lucky Bee Classic London Dry. 40% Abv.

Classic by name. Classic by nature.

13 Botanicals are used to make the body of Classic. 3 of them are foraged by the distillers, whilst walking their two staffies Roxy & Ashton.

Nettle and doc leaf are both found around the River Mersey and along the stunning Bridgewater Canal. Nettle is often known as the 'Common nettle - nowt common about us Mancs.
Doc leaf is used to soothe the sting of the nettle , kinda like it's right hand man, it's mate or it's side kick, we've all got a mate that gets us out of trouble every now and again!

Silverbirch stands tall looking over everyone , proud as punch , 'ard as nails and knows it's roots!

Nettle , Doc and Silverbirch play a huge part in our Gins at Lucky Bee.

"We think they have been over looked in the past, sometimes trodden on and cast aside as ugly weeds - well, we like ugly weeds a lot and prefer them to flowers to be fair! "
"It's okay to feel different, it's ok to not stand out, it's ok to also stand up for what you believe in. Its okay to be you, just you."


Lucky Bee Classic London Dry.  (40% ABV, 70cl)